Meet the Cast: Ashley Dougherty, Victoria White, and Tracy Wiu

Our Green Hornet fan film is deep in post-production, and in the meantime, we’re bringing you more behind-the-scenes interviews leading up to the film’s release.

We caught up with actresses Ashley Dougherty, Victoria White, and Tracy Wiu to talk about their roles in the film. They play Mira, Natalie, and Amy, three friends out on the town for a night of fun. Too much fun, it turns out. The women wake up the next morning to find themselves prisoners in a sex trafficking operation.

We spoke to Ashley, Victoria, and Tracy about the dynamic of working with people you’ve known for a long time and their approach to carrying the emotional weight of the film.

Let’s talk about sacrifice. You’re each giving up time with your families and various responsibilities (not to mention sleep) in order to be here. As working actors, how do you find that work/life balance?

Victoria: It helps to have a support system. My dog is sick right now, so my husband is taking care of that. But we love what we do, and it makes it easy to work all day and come to set at night. I look forward to it.

Ashley: I’m a single mom to two kids. My mom is watching them, and I do feel guilty leaving them sometimes. But I try to model my ambition so that they grow up knowing that it’s important to go after the things you’re passionate about. There was a time when I would say yes to every project that came along. Now, I only take things I feel very strongly about, and they know that it has to be important in order for me to leave them for any amount of time.

Victoria: I agree. I said yes to this because the script was hilarious, and I love The Green Hornet. Plus, these are strong female characters. You don’t often get roles like that.

Ashley: Yeah. Usually, it’s playing a cocktail waitress or something.

You have all known each other for a long time. How did that affect your dynamic on set?

Tracy: We’re very close, and we’ve all taken acting classes together at the same studio for years now. We’ve been vulnerable with each other in ways most people can’t understand, and I think that’s going to translate on screen. As actors, our job is to bring truth to the words. Our relationship will make that process much more real.

Victoria: Tracy brought me the script. Before i even read it, I knew I was going to do it because I trust her with all of my heart. That trust extends to the work.

A lot of the emotional weight in the story rests on the three of you. How do you prepare for something like that?

Tracy: You draw from the experiences you have. I’ve never been assaulted or improsoned, but I have experienced things that are deeply painful. It’s tapping in to those emotions and amplifying them. As an actor, you’re constantly making choices that effect your emotional state.

And I think the fact that everyone on set is close makes that easier. For instance, I’m friends with Jennifer Christa Palmer (JCP), who plays Victoriya. The beauty of being close with these people is that I trust them. It’s huge. At one point, I had to spit in JCP’s face. If they’d cast some guy off the street, that would have been much harder to pull off. But with JCP, I knew that when the director called ‘cut’ we were still going to be good.