People always ask me ,” Where do I get my ideas from” or “Where do I draw my inspiration for either the projects that I have been a part of or created myself”. As of right now, I have my fingers in some many pies that I needed to remember myself what inspires me to keep the juices flowing. I need to remind myself what is it that drove me to make what I have done so far. I figured if I am going to go down this path, I might as well share the info with you, This is the collection of things that started me to where I am now.

(Bad Boys) poster Above

This is the film that changed it all.  I have watched this movie more than any other movies combined. I would watch it 4 and 5 times a day growing up. The music, the camera movements, the comedy, the action, everything about this film grabbed me. I had shot stupid things growing up on my HandiCam, even a short film called Vanish with my cousins, but this movie really made me love movies in a sense that I wanted to be a part of it.

Good Will Hunting (poster above)

This film has always been a personal favorite. Now as much as I love the film, the writing, and the characters… it was none of this that fueled me. Growing up I loved watching Behind the Scenes featurettes on TV or HBO, but the Commentary track with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck discussing all that they went through writing it, getting it made and finally getting an Oscar for really blew my mind. The amount of passion and the attitude that you can make your future, you just have to persevere and good things will come, changed me. I began watching ALL behind the scenes, listening to every commentary, I became obsessed with making movies.


I found this video online a long time ago. This video started my passion in editing. I have always loved music because it told a story. I always loved video game cut scenes, especially Final Fantasy, because they were so intense and epic. The combination of the two blew me away to the point that I began researching and editing on Windows Movie Maker. I don’t know the person responsible for this video, but whoever they were, inspired me.


I am a trailer fanatic. I live for the creation of them, and am really critical of them. If a film has a horrible trailer, I wont be seeing it. Now note: This movie is not a favorite of most people. This trailer is not the best trailer I have ever seen. In saying that, this is the first trailer that made me love trailers. The pacing, the creative use of scenes that are in and not in the movie to tell a story that doesn’t give too much away, but still leaves you with a good feeling about the movie. The use of the song at the end :Puddle of Mud “Blurry”  just accentuated what was going on screen, and gave emotionality to the trailer. That emotionality is what I believe should be in ALL trailers, unless it’s a movie like EPIC MOVIE or anything like that. That being said, I believe that the Star Trek Trailer is one of the best examples of what a trailer can do for me. Star Trek released 3 trailers, the first being a great teaser, the 2nd being an expected action trailer and then they released trailer 3, which I believe to be one of the best movie trailers of all time. I believe this trailer made more people want to see this movie than had previously, and the music by Two Steps from Hell <- Probably the best company in the business, takes your emotions to a whole new level. That’s what editing is all about. Here is the trailers just so you can see. The fourth tv spot was good, It just was not as gripping as Trailer 3


So in saying all this, there is plenty more that has inspired me through out time… but these videos and films are what really have had an impact on me in my path. I leave you now with the question, what inspires you in what you do. What drives you to be the best at what you do in life?